Tuesday, April 26, 2011

An Unexpected KAL

I have so many knitting projects on the needles right now.  I'm working on the Lazy Day Shawl, the Horse Scarf (which is a Christmas gift), the languishing Irish Moss Sweater for my husband, and the Scrap Yarn Blanket.  I really need to finish some things, because there's discussion at my favorite ravelry group to start a cardigan KAL.  However, while participating in forum communications at said ravelry group, one trouble maker announced she was working on a Shawl KAL that had just started.  Being the never say no person that I have seemingly become, I looked at the first clue and other participants' progress.  I checked my stash and had the appropriate yarn.  So, here I go....

I will say, it's a challenging pattern for my abilities.  It's not a mindless project at all, but it's beautiful already and I can't wait to finish the second clue.  Above shows all of the first clue and 1/4 of the second.

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