Monday, April 25, 2011

My New Baby...

No, not a real baby, but something almost as exciting for me.  You see, I have had a Dell laptop for four years.  The first two years were blissful.  It was the most wonderful thing.  The last two years have been awful.  Viruses, the "h" and "shift" keys worked off and on.  It was slow.  I'd be in the middle of something online and I'd receive the lovely "internet explorer is not responding" message and have to restart the computer.  Then I had time to empty the dishwasher while the restarting took place.

I've complained and complained.  At this point, I must explain that I am a personal fiscal conservative.  I use coupons, buy cheap gas even when I have enough gas so I don't get caught using the expensive places, I don't have a lot of clothes, new car, huge house, etc.  However, when I do buy something important that I expect to use for any length of time, I try and buy the best I can afford.  My husband is all for buying the best, no matter what.

So, Thursday I bought this...

Can you tell I'm excited?  I've spent a few days getting to know the Apple way vs. the PC way.  Old dogs can learn new tricks, but it does take awhile!

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  1. Welcome to the sunny side of the street! You're going to love it here in the land where things don't crash or freeze, where viruses aren't a worry and where things are always a bit friendlier!