Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring Break

Ah! Spring Break.  No 5:30 alarms to start my day.  No driving to and from two different schools each day.  It's been even better so far, because my husband has been out of town (being fitted for new golf clubs), so I can sleep as late as I want.  He'll be home this afternoon, so tomorrow I will have to rise at a reasonable time.  It's only fair that I fix his breakfast if he's going to work, now isn't it?

The kids and I have been doing long needed yardwork.  Cutting grass for the first time time this spring, moving river rocks from around the trees left by the previous owner, weeding flower beds, and so on.  We've worked in the mornings and enjoyed the afternoons in the sunroom.  I've been knitting and listening to books and they've played video games or shot basketball in the driveway.

Also assisting in the yardwork has been Clover, my mini wirehaired dachshund.  He sticks so close that yesterday, we thought he had wandered off (very unusual for him), but found he had jumped in the car when I was getting something out.  He was perfectly happy sitting in the passenger seat waiting to go somewhere!

Tonight we have a baseball game and then more of the same tomorrow.  It's so nice to have my kids home all day.  It does make me realize my time with them is dwindling though.

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