Thursday, April 7, 2011

Baseball, Sunroom, and Knitting

These three things are all consuming for me right now.   As for the baseball, the Junior Orioles' game began on shaky ground last night, but they came back to win in exciting fashion.  Michael (son #2) came home with a beautiful baseball impression on his ribcage which remains this morning.  He's sore, to say the least! 

Regarding the sunroom, it's ALMOST finished.  Just a door, some trim and a storm door to install and we'll be in business.  This room is where I plan to do most of my knitting.  I just can't wait until it's all ready!
There was also knitting yesterday.  I've completed the heels on my socks and am debating going up a needle size for the leg.  Others have suggested that the pattern makes for a tight leg and I'm concerned about that.  So, while I debate I continue on the Lazy Day Shawl.


  1. Baseball: OUCH!

    Sunroom: WOW!

    Knitting: string a lifeline through before you decide either way. I wouldn't start on the larger needles too quickly, though. You don't want slouchy, baggy-ankle socks!

  2. Oh, good idea! Now, why didn't I think about that!