Saturday, March 26, 2011

Well, it's been 2 months...

I have been away from the blog for 2 months.  It all started with my bout with the flu, despite having ensured the entire family had been vaccinated.  I must admit, my episode was mild in comparison with that of others, but it was a miserable few days.  Once I was well, son #2 arrived home from school with the same symptoms, but his case was mild as well.  Son #2 recovered and attended school for a whole week and one day.  Then, the secondary infection began and four more days of school were missed before all work was completed from the first illness.  After antibiotics, an inhaler, and nose spray, a new round of missed work has been completed.  In the meantime, darling husband, son #1  and I were visited by yet another upper respiratory illness.  Sadly, I was the only one who lost a voice during this entire mess!    Fingers are crossed that son #1 and darling husband have avoided the flu entirely.

Between all of this, I was finalizing decisions to demolish and rebuild our sunroom (as it was a do-it-yourself project gone wrong by the previous owner) and replace the roof on the entire house.  At this point, the roof is on and the sunroom is nearing completion.

Sunroom before:

Sunroom during:

And our living room, storing all the sunroom furniture, etc:

I have been knitting.  I completed a beaded scarf for my mother's birthday, am finishing some hybernating socks, began a scarf for Christmas 2011 (not because I'm so well organized, but because I wanted to learn double knitting and this pattern is perfect for a dear horse riding friend), and began a shawl designed by Mary Keenan for another possible Christmas gift.  The previously mentioned sweater for my husband is hybernating, as it is fairly complicated and my head is not capable of such at this point.

But, the best news of all is baseball season is upon us.  My sons both play little league and I love watching them play.  We are also planning a trip to either Washington DC or Baltimore to see our  beloved St. Louis Cardinals play this summer.  I can't wait until the seasons begin.  Sadly, last night the basketball season of my alma mater, the University of Richmond, came to an end.  However, I am so proud of how they played - the sweet sixteen in the NCAA tournament is nothing to sneeze at (and I've been doing plenty of that!).

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