Thursday, March 31, 2011

Baseball Knitting

Today begins the Major League Baseball season!  I just love baseball and I knit quite a bit while watching.  In fact, I really began knitting in earnest when my oldest son began pitching at the age of 9.  I was terrified he was going to be injured (as I had been as a careless 12 year old and had my front four teeth knocked out, and successfully replaced) so I started knitting during his games.  I could pay attention to what he was doing,  but I also had something to focus on so I wasn't going nuts. 

I've taken my knitting to numerous baseball practices and games for my kids, but also to some major league baseball games, too.  My favorite team is the St. Louis Cardinals.  My son choose that team as his favorite and converted me, since I was raised a Red Sox fan.  We have enjoyed some great times watching the games and even meeting some of the players a few years ago. 

In addition to the start of the professional season, Saturday begins my sons' little league seasons.  They both have games on Saturday, so our entire day will be spent "at the fields"!  We'll get home just in time to watch the local university, Virginia Commonwealth University, compete in the NCAA Final Four.  Quite a lot of sports knitting this weekend!

Here's a peek at my newest socks:

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