Monday, March 28, 2011

Son #1 has the flu!

Well, my luck ran out Saturday evening - son #1 began the fever, body aches, and cough associated with the flu.  Bless is heart - he is miserable.  It's such a big deal to miss school at his age, too.  The missed lectures and make up work can seriously impact his grades.  However, this can't be helped.

The weekend did have a few positive points.  I finished my socks, the sunroom painting was completed, and our hometown team upset Kansas in the elite 8 of the NCAA tournament.  This town is not known for it's college sports, so this is enormous around here.

About the socks, they are from Melissa Morgan-Oakes' book Toe Up 2 at a Time Socks.  I much prefer knitting socks toe up and the two at a time method prevents the awful second sockitis!

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