Monday, September 17, 2012

I think we're all getting into the swing of things as we start the 3rd week of school.  The worst issue seems to be Shiloh, our 4 year old beagle.  He misses the kids and cries when I drop them at school.

Shiloh in his yard

What's Finished:

Absolutely nothing!  Usually after I've finished a couple of things, there's a bit of a dry spell.  I think I'll have a pair of socks next week, though.

What's Going On:

My Stripey Socks for KALs with the Knitabulls and Traveling Sock Knitter Podcasts are coming along nicely.  I adore the Vesper Sock Yarn.  The pattern's been a bit of a challenge, since I am doing an afterthought heel, rather than the heel in the pattern.  I have one finished, except for the heel, and the other is on its way!

with my bag from Birdleg Bags' Etsy Stop

I started, after MUCH research and thought, the Stonecutter's Cardigan.  I was hesitant, since only 2 projects had been knit when I started and I am using a bulky yarn from my stash.  I also detest math.  But, after help and advice from some plurk friends, I decided to take the plunge.  It's complicated for me, but I think it will be beautiful and I'll use it quite a bit.

with my bag from Ewesful Things' Etsy Shop

I'm also still working on the Ravenclaw Scarf and I have 4 stripes completed.  It's definitely mindless, more like mind numbing!  And I spent some time spinning this week.  I've almost finished the first 4 ounces.
Into the Whirled August 2012

What's Next:

Since I've cast on the cardigan, I really don't have any plans for the immediate future.  I do plan to participate in a few KALs for October.

What's New:

When my husband decided to surprise me with a spinning wheel, he snooped through my email and discovered Lisa Beamer, also known as Fibernymph.  He knew how much I love her yarn and contacted her for spinning advice.  She was so helpful, recommending the Ladybug, which was exactly what I wanted, and he included a gift certificate for her shop with the gift.  I knew Lisa had a lot on her plate getting ready to vend at SSK and I wanted to take my time to pick out my favorites, so I sent her my list later in the summer.  So....

There are My Favorite Flannel Jammies and Soft Kitty in Bounce, Byzantine Gradient in Sunshine, and Froot Loops and Deep Distraction in BFL/Tussah Silk fiber!

I also won a small Hiya Hiya bag from a KAL with the TV Knitting Podcast.  I really enjoy Sharon's podcast, since she combines two of my favorite things!

And, finally, I had ordered a Fleegle Beader, after Paula from the Knitting Pipeline Podcast, recommended it for placing beads on knitting projects.  I have never found a good beading method, since my crochet hooks never fit through the bead or are too small for the yarn and other methods just seem too tedious.  The beader was backordered for several weeks, but arrived this week.  I'll have at least one beaded project next month, so I'll know more then.

Other News:

Thinks have been relatively quiet around here.  My St. Louis Cardinals are hanging in the Wild Card Race and the schedule for next year has been published.  There will most likely be a trip for the Jenkins family to St. Louis next June!

Have a great week,



  1. Those socks are so awesome! Love your blog! It's awesome!!! That beader thingy is really cool looking....will have to check that out! hugs

    1. Thank you so much! It's so nice to know someone actually reads it. Have a great day!

  2. Good Job! I assume you are okay now. After uploading a long time ago, I am commenting in this post. All the best! You can see beginner's knitting kits as very low prices.