Monday, September 24, 2012

Happy Monday!  It's feeling like fall here today.  We had a very warm weekend and I even got sunburned on Saturday at my son's baseball game.  I love the cool, crisp mornings and evenings and am looking forward to the cooler weather being here to stay.

What's Finished:

Ta-Da!  I finished my Stripey Socks for several podcast KALs.  I did the afterthought heel and The Knit Girllls' tutorial is wonderful to watch before you try it. I like the heel because of the way it stripes the heel, but also for the way it fits my foot.

In addition, I spun the first 4 ounces of my Into the Whirled August 2012 fiber and started on my second 4 ounces.

What's Going On:

I'm still working on the Ravenclaw Scarf for my 11-year-old niece who is a rabid Harry Potter fan.  I don't have a picture, since that project stays in the car - forcing me to work on it.  It's stockinette in the round, 25 rows of gray, then 25 rows of blue.

I made some progress on my Monkey Socks.  I started these in July, while on vacation, then they hibernated for almost 2 months while I worked on other things.  I really hope to finish these before October 1st, when I seem to have overcommitted to KALs!  I've finished one leg to the heel, and need to get the second one to the same place, put the waste yarn in position, then work on the feet.

My Stonecutter's Cardigan made an appearance this weekend.  It really is difficult, at least in the beginning, since there are many flips through the pattern for each row.  I think charts would make this pattern much easier.

What's Next:

So many podcasts are having KALs in October, that I think I may be overextended!  However, I'm going to try and participate in as many as I can...

The 2 Knit Lit Chicks are doing a KAL of any shawl in gradient yarn.  I'm going to knit the My Hope, by Laura Linneman, using my handspun Loop Batt.

The Knitabulls Podcast is hosting a Monster SAL/KAL in October and I'm planning to combine that with RetroLemon's KAL using one of her monster patterns.  My plan is to use some yarn I spun earlier in the summer.

The Wolfe Farms podcast is hosting a Cakewalk Yarns Harvest KAL and I just received the yarn for that.  I'm still not sure what pattern I'll use, but am leaning towards the Harvest Dew Socks.

What's New:

I am really trying to reduce the additions to my stash, but seem to be failing terribly!  This week, I received my order from Blue Moon Fiber Arts for a sweater I'd like to cast on, once my Stonecutter's Cardigan is finished.

Blue Moon Socks that Rock Heavyweight in Tanzanite

I mentioned my order from Cakewalk Yarns for the Wolfe Farms KAL.

Footsie in the Sincerest Color

And, I also received my Loopy Ewe Camp Loopy yarn for completing all three Camp Loopy projects this summer.  

Dream in Color Smooshy Cashmere in the Sleeping Under the Stars Color

Finally, my September Into the Whirled fiber arrived and it's so beautiful.  I really need to finish the last 4 ounces from August quickly.

Other News:

There is not much to report in other news.  I'm making slow progress in my yarn room.  I am forcing myself to clean out and throw out the mass of stuff in that room before I can paint and convert that room to be my yarn room.  I'd rather be knitting!

Have a great week,

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