Monday, October 1, 2012

Friday Update!

Good Afternoon!   

My morning started on the run (figuratively, as I don't run) and I've just landed for a few minutes to gather my thoughts and update my week's knitting, etc.  My oldest son is home sick from school.  One month in and he's got a horrible cold-like virus, which included a fever over the weekend.  I also took Clover to the vet.  He's had every strange ailment you could imagine, and some you couldn't (umbilical hernia, undescended testicle, and diaphragmatic hernia all requiring major surgeries, just to name a few).  He has seizures, usually about one a year, but has developed some tummy issues and a strange thing with his tongue, where he sticks it out like he's a frog - continuously for up to 10 minutes.  So, his doctor is running some tests requiring blood and urine (more fun, getting a sample from a little dachshund), so we're waiting...

What's Finished:

I finished my Stripey Socks, which I started in July, while on vacation in the Outer Banks, but virtually ignored until the middle of September.  I love the end result of the yarn, but the loose plies make splitting a problem.

What's Going On:

I am working on my afghan square for the Knit Girllls' Afghan Square Swap.

I also want to participate in a zillion KALs this month (not really that many, but as I was adding them up, it's starting to look that way).  So, I have three I'm starting today...

They are Gradual Hope with the 2 Knit Lit Chicks Podcast, Harvest Dew socks with the Wolfe Farms podcast, and Spiffy Iffy Scylla socks with the Sock the Vote event with the Single Handed Knits podcast.  When they are finished, I'd like to add a few other KAL projects.

What's New:

I received my yarn for the Sock the Vote KAL from Yarn vs. Zombies and I love it.  It was a surprise until it arrived, as were the other goodies in the package and an awesome bag handmade by Mel!

My fiber from the Tempted Yarn Club arrived and the colors are beautiful.  I can't wait to spin it!

Other News:

There really isn't anything else to report.  I'm enjoying the cooler weather and looking forward to getting these KAL projects started.

Have a great week!