Friday, August 31, 2012

Good Afternoon!  I'm a bit late today and I have no excuse, so I'll just get on with it!  Yesterday, I attended my youngest son's high school orientation and discovered my oldest son's graduation date for next June.  Wow, what a day!

I was very impressed with younger son's teachers and poor oldest son ~ he's already turned in one paper and is working on another assignment and school doesn't even start until Tuesday.  We had a wonderful experience touring the Engineering School at Virginia Commonwealth University last Friday.  I think that gave him a clearer view of his goals for the next school year.

What's Finished - 

Really, nothing is finished this week.  I did finish one of the Tumble Twins socks for my oldest niece for Christmas.  So, I guess I should have headed this "What's Half Finished"!

What's Going On -

  • I'm almost halfway finished with the second Tumble Twins sock.  The picot cuff makes it quite tight, but my niece has skinny feet, so I think it will work.  I can get them on my feet and mine are wider.

  • I'm finished with the leg and foot of one of my Katniss Socks.  I am doing an afterthought heel, so the waste yarn is in that first sock.  I'm just starting the leg of the second sock.  I'm knitting these socks at the same time, using 2 different circular needles.  This is a KAL with the Knit Me Happy Podcast.  

  • There has been spinning.  I have put that awful rambouillet on hold and moved on to the Into the Whirled fiber club shipment.  It spins so easily and the colors are just beautiful.

What's Up Next - 

  • I'm going to Washington, DC this weekend to watch the St. Louis Cardinals and the Washington Nationals baseball games.  I always knit at the games, but prefer something fairly mindless, so I'll cast on a Ravenclaw scarf for my younger niece for Christmas.

What's New - 

Next week school begins.  A freshman and a senior!  I have no idea why the font on this update changes halfway and then changes back.  I tried fixing it, but decided, since it wouldn't fix, I'd knit instead!

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  1. Have fun at the game and enjoy any yarn souvenirs you may happen upon. I can/can't wait for school next week. I also have a freshman and a senior.