Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Update

Good morning!  I've considered doing a podcast off and on for almost a year - since I started watching/listening to them.  However, there are so many that are so good, I think mine would get lost in the mass.  That said, I want to track my projects and share them with anyone who gets a kick out of visiting.  So, I'm going to do my Friday updates in the format of a podcast...

What's finished ~

  • Last Friday, I finished my 3rd Camp Loopy Project.  It was my Fall Apple Shawl and I think it looks like red and gold apples.  It really makes me long for cool fall days, since this summer has been so HOT!

What's going on ~
  • I've been working on my Sparkly Pink Slipper Shawl quite a bit this week.  It's a lovely shawl designed by Wendy, of the Knit 1, Heart Too video podcast, and it will be a Christmas gift for my Grandmother.  She's 93 and was very excited when I gave her a shawl last year!

  • Also on the needles are my Munchkin Katniss Socks.  I'm using the Mighty Munchkin yarn dyed by Rachel, of the Knit Me Happy podcast.  Her sweet cat, Munchkin, suffered from an illness related to his blood counts (don't quote me on the diagnosis!) and sadly passed away earlier this week.  This is a KAL with Rachel's group through September.

  • Since we last chatted, I've discovered spinning.  I'd wanted to learn, but I just can't get the hang of spindle spinning and wheels are quite expensive.  In early May, my husband surprised me with a Ladybug for Mother's Day and our anniversary.  So, I've been spinning quite a bit.  Right now, I'm working on some rambouillet wool in coordination with the Knit Girllls' expand your horizons SAL.  I must say, the fiber seems a bit felted (which other spinners have said is poor prep!).

  • I also have several long term or more recent projects that I haven't touched this week!

What's up next ~

What's new ~ I have recently decided that I have more than enough fiber and yarn, so, with the exception of a few clubs and a pending order using a gift certificate, I'm trying to work from my stash.  So, nothing new this week!

Other news ~ I have an extra bedroom that is beyond disaster.  It's just where all my crafting supplies are, where we stuff things that really have no place.  It's a catchall.  I really need to get it organized and pretty.  My plan is to paint it a pretty yellow, spend a fortune at IKEA on cabinets for my precious yarn, get a futon for sitting and overnight guests, and actually have a place for everything.  

Wish me luck!

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  1. I love your finished shawl! The crumble colorway really does call to mind fall apples. I'm looking forward to seeing the progress you make on your extra bedroom & then celebrating with you when the work is done and you have a lovely craft/guest room.