Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Status Update

Many exciting things have happened this week.  My family are huge St. Louis Cardinals fans, despite the fact that we live in central Virginia!  We see them play at least once a year.  In August, we were despairing that their season would soon be over, but they made an impressive run and are one game away from the World Series Championship!

In knitting news, I received this:
and I'm so excited.  I have also found some  yarn in a revelry destash to knit the Rocky Coast Cardigan.

I have finished the sleeves on my Vitamin D
and I'm really loving the color.  I lovingly call it Beagle Brown, since it matches the top of my beloved Shiloh's head!

I began a hat for my sister (although I've already knit a shawl she ordered for Christmas), since she loved the hat I made her daughter.  It's the Hermoine Hearts Ron hat in Knit Picks Shine Sport.

And, I swatched for my Dad's Christmas Vest and I really love the pattern.  This is the first item I've ever knit for him and I really think he'll be surprised.

I hope to have the hat finished very soon, followed closely by the Vitamin D.  I can't wait to start that cardigan!

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