Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Cold October Weekend

We central Virginians are used to some cold weather in October.  I've sat at my sons' baseball games bundled up with wool socks, mittens, coats and blankets.  But this weekend was abnormally cold and wet, as it seemed to be around the United States.

We got rain and 35 degree weather during the day Saturday, while other areas of the state got some snow.  This is really early for such cold air.  But, I loaded up the crock pot with beef stew and spent the day knitting and recovering - from the Cardinals winning the World Series!  Our family are Cardinals fans and had all but given up hope that we'd be rooting our team on after September.  Those guys (and us) never gave up and here we are - basking in an almost sleepless night and the glory of the championship.

So, I worked on my Vitamin Dmy sister's hat, and shopped on  I really don't NEED anymore project bags, but Knitting's My Bag has some really great ones.  I've got one already and ordered two more over the weekend.  I also ordered yarn from Fibernymph, but you really have to be fast.  Her yarns sold very quickly.  So, the knitting was productive, the spending - well, it depends on your definition of productive, right?

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