Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Life's little trials...

Sometimes life doesn't go as well as we'd like.  Nothing tragic, just not what we want.  I'm going through a trying time and I'm not liking it at all!

I was an anxious child, it's throughout my family on my mother's side.  I dreaded the transition from elementary school to middle school as if I was being sent to battle.  I had stomach issues for most of the first two months of 6th grade.  Over the years, I've dealt with anxiety off and on until I am now, through medication and changing my mindset, at a good place.

Now, it seems, my youngest son has inherited the anxiety gene.  He's almost 14, in the 8th grade, his last year of middle school.  His issues were there last year, but bearable.  This year, they have gone from bad to truly awful.  Tears, insomnia, true panic attacks.  It's so awful to watch someone you love struggle so.

Part of his problem is a result of his middle school being closed due to a decision by our local school board.  Although I, along with a large group from our community, opposed the decision, it was made and he had to attend a different school for 7th and 8th grades.  It didn't help that many of the kids at the new school weren't too happy to have the "new" kids there.  He's had some minor bullying, nothing violent, but just making him uncomfortable and unhappy.  This year, it continued with some physical poking and verbal abuse.  Although the perpetrator has been talked to and moved away from Michael, he seems unable to rebound.  He hates the school.  He's that type of kid - I shouldn't have to be here, so I won't be happy here.  Same as his mom.  It took me quite awhile to incorporate the whole "if I can't change it, I have to deal with it" attitude to my life.

Anyway, we are seeking help from a psychologist and the guidance counselor has been wonderful to him.  It just makes for stress and unhappiness all over.

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